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Old 11-18-2008, 02:16 AM
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A tally sheet of the conservative Republican era:

1) Liberalizing trade: accomplished, Democrats on board more or less.

2) Unfettering markets: accomplished, Democrats on board more or less.

3) De-unionizing workforce: mostly accomplished, Democrats mostly NOT on board, and rising inequality creates conditions for this to be reversed. (Side question: if the UAW dies with GM, will this be a good or bad thing for the American union movement?)

4) Reduce entitlements/reduce size of federal government: net failure on both counts, though I guess one can count Welfare reform as a Pyrrhic victory.

5) Law and Order/guns issues: somewhat to mostly accomplished, though to my liberal eyes the rise of the illicit drug market, the gang problem and the prison industry makes the whole enterprise seem like a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Democrats on board.

6) Hawkish Foreign Policy, accomplished, though from my perspective of the 20th Century to the present the doves have never really had much of a place at the table under either party. The notion that peaceniks ended Vietnam has been wildly exaggerated. Democrats on board, but poised to jump off for a while.

7) Abortion and other "family values" issues: net failure. Democrats no longer looking to Tipper Gore for talking points.

There are probably other categories that I've neglected, but it appears from my list that the most unambiguous accomplishments correspond to the demands of globalism. That begs a question. Was conservative ideology or an evolving economic structure the agency of conservative success?

That's the question I'd like to see conservatives debate.
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