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Diavlog comments Post comments about particular diavlogs here.
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Old 02-25-2008, 05:43 PM
You_had_me_at_hello You_had_me_at_hello is offline
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Default tail end of the thread

Hi BJKeefe,

I am very curious about a phrase that you use in your first post of this thread: "mindless religious nuts."

These phrase bugs me in many ways, not least of which is that it brings to mind a visual of a fake ad for Southwest Airlines: Here at Soutwest Airlines sitting next to the Religious Nuts is still FREE!" unlike the leading competitors.

Would you kindly expound on what you mean by that phrase? Not necessarily within the context of that post, but just in general.

You know the whole topic of religion seems to naturally segue into the topic of doing what is right. What does it mean to do right?

Anyhow speaking of the topic of right I am reminded of what Al Gore said at the 2000 Democratic convention: Sometimes there is the need to "Pick the hard right over the easy wrong."

Profound. I couldn't agree more. But I would have to add: It's not necessarily difficult to embrace the "hard right", in fact, quite the opposite----- it can be exhilarating knowing in your heart that you are doing the moral and right thing, and this knowledge also gives you the added bonus of strengthening you to carry out the "demands of right acting" to their satisfying if sometimes unexpected conclusions.

Anyway --- just want to say: clearly, clearly, I am outgunned here at BHvt in the art of political discourse and just plain political knowledge; but like how Christ didn't come to earth to save the righteous, but the sinners ---- I believe BHvt helps educate the less politically sophisticated and savvy (for which I am the lowliest) among us, in all the world.

Next stop: Find out what the word "punditry" means ---- So far I have assumed it means people who are conversent in "Speaking in Puns" but oddly I'm not seeing too much of that here. . . so I have a suspicion that that isn't it.

But if it was --- clearly, it would be you, not me who was outpunned.

BJKeefe! I have eyes behind my head. Stop! See--- My hands are off of the keyboard.
I can tell that you're pointing a pun at me.
slowly put down the pun, BJ,
won't put down the pun?

OK, just as long as you don't pun a put-down.

(BJ falls disarmed, sorry BJ but you were pointing a pun at me).
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