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Old 09-11-2008, 11:09 AM
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Default Re: What Would Gary Do?

Bob's comment that Americans don't seem to want a smarter-than-they-are President isn't exactly right because both the highly intelligent Bill Clinton and Ross Perot engaged the public's attention on policy and where they wanted to take the country when they treated voters with respect and made them part of the discussion.

So many other Democrats seem to exude a "don't worry, we're in charge" attitude. Obama in particular brings little enthusiasm to detailed discussions even when he attempts to speak about policy etc. I don't see where Gary Hart's idea of another grand speech, no matter how well crafted, will work at this time because frankly the public has heard too many of them and have pretty much tuned out. If Obama is able to bring this perspective into the debates then it may work but that venue is not really conducive to the expression of any overarching plan.

It's just so ironic that The Party of the People so often picks a candidate that speaks down to the masses from their perch on The Parthenon. Absent any personal connection, the Republicans are all-too-eager to fill that gap with their own form of folksy empathy and sass -- enter Sarah Palin.

Of course the Press and some Dems immediately castigated McCain for his pick and prematurely disparaged Ms. Palin on cultural terms (ala Senator Hart's "moose shoots" and "hockey moms" remarks) and in the most personal of ways which were, in my opinion, HUGE mistakes that won her much affection and sympathy due to their perceived knee-jerk unfairness. Then Obama specifically takes on Sarah Barracuda with negative results -- didn't he ever take Politics 101?

So here we are, back where we started, with an even race that is anybody's guess. Way to Go, Dems!
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