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Old 07-27-2008, 03:21 PM
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Default Re: Aw, Nuts

BJ KEEFE: So, I'll change my mind on at least one thing that I said yesterday: I'll resist calling you a Hillarhoid from now on. I won't ask for anything in return, but I will express the hope that you find it within yourself to consider how what you say in the future might come across.
I have to admit that you did hurt my feelings a little, but also understand where you’re coming from. Some of my own family members maintain your perspective and although we had previously enjoyed spirited political discussion, we now avoid that altogether in order to maintain a good relationship. Nerves are frayed and sensitivities abound so Bloggingheads has offered me a much need outlet.

After all, who could have guessed that this unlikely scenario would have occurred in an atmosphere where Democrats were so looking forward to voting for a new President? I know that it personally shocks me that I cannot easily do so since I have always followed the party line even though my initial choice seldom won the Primary. And I do agree with you BJ that I am representative of a large number of others from all walks of life who have found themselves in the same dilemma and voice the same concerns and frustrations that I have.

It appears to me that for the majority of them, the problem stems from 50% DNC actions and 50% Obama and his campaign. As I mentioned the DNC part began with MI/FL and continued with a variety of bone-headed actions that culminated in a couple of secret meetings at the Rules Committee hearings that broke their own party rules. Add the chorus of voices for Hillary to get out of the way and the media’s Obama boosterism, Donna Brazille’s declaration that Obama really didn’t need Hillary voters, mixed with a rash of Democratic leaders insisting not to worry that “we’d all get over it” and its not surprising that more than a few Democrats are not amused.

As far as Obama’s role is concerned it began with an apprehension about his lack of credentials and other actions that have already been expressed in my previous posts. If he seemed to be judged by different standards, I believe that is because he had set himself up as having greater integrity and sensitivity than other candidates – in retrospect, probably not a good tactic. Personally I feel that he’s gotten pretty much a free ride so far but that could change.

Regarding the tone of my comments, I have to admit to some anger but I also have a reputation in “my real life” as a kindly wisecracking smartass (think Mickey and Bob rolled into one but not as smart or funny). Since the same remark made in person with all of its voice inflections and expressions can be lost in translation when written, However after reading a lot of other Bloggingheads comments, it’s obvious that snark is rampant here and I don’t really see myself out of the mainstream . I am sorry if I come across as too strident at times – not sure yet if I will tone it down or not though.

I appreciate that you got back to me on my last comment. Since I’m going on an extended vacation soon, I won’t be posting for a while, so have a nice summer. This upcoming Autumn should be interesting.
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