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Old 07-26-2008, 09:51 AM
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Default Re: Aw, Nuts

To BJ Keefe: regarding your interpretation of my post(s):

Guess I learned a new word today (concern troll). Never dreamed that I was one of those. My point about Obama still stands though, he never misses an opportunity to take the low road when it comes to sticking it to his opponents in the most unseemly manner while simultaneously spouting the most high-minded rhetoric. Hard to know how that can be missed.

As far as being a concerned Democrat, I certainly was one of those if you check back to my earliest posts in January when I expressed concerns that the party that I thought I belonged to for my entire adult life was going down the wrong path by not allowing some compromise on the Florida and Michigan vote problem and letting it endlessly drag on. I know that you don't agree with that, but then you may have never had your rights yanked from you -- I realize its "just whining", but it doesn't feel real good. Even the Republicans, who I generally loath knew enough to solve that problem early on and I do believe that this lack of foresight and other moves that came afterward has injured the Democratic brand. But enough about the past....

I have moved on and have entered the ranks of Independent voter who refuses to toe the party line. I know that it is convenient to pigeonhole someone as "spouting NoQuarter drivel" because that discounts whatever is said. I suppose someone could also characterize Daily Kos supporters as posting drivel if you want to go down that road.

As far as my "coming around only when you've come across some new bit of nastiness" -- That is not totally correct since I have commented on other subjects. However, you are right that I primarily entered the fray after watching Bloggingheads from the beginning mostly to learn and not to impose my views. But my concern for what was going on in the political realm compelled me to get my feet wet in the Blogosphere and it has been a very interesting experience.

And for those few who may actually be interested in where I am coming from: I am a former life-long Democrat who is struggling with the fact that this unquestioning group affiliation is no longer viable. In a way this has been liberating because it has opened me to a greater variety of opinion and I can pick and choose from the many viewpoints out there. I feel that my concern has been sincere and am willing to put up with whatever you want to throw my way. As far as John McCain goes, I'm not sure if I can go there yet but am watching and waiting.

Regarding the Glenn Loury issue, I do agree that he is a man of intellectual depth and "good grace" but I also detect that his support of Obama is less than enthusiastic. He has also mentioned that he was under considerable pressure for his support of Hillary and I give him much credit for that bravery.
Although I am just a loathsome troll, I do relate to his evolving journey of discovery that we are all on whether we realize it or not.

Anyways, BJ, I appreciate your many replies and rebuttals to my posts and am sorry to have taken up any portion of your time but I'm not ready to take my marbles home just yet. See ya!
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