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Old 12-14-2011, 10:04 PM
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Default Explaining Newt the Voltron

First when Adam was listing the Newt's deal breakers I was reminded of Simpsons when doctors tell Mr. Burns that he has every known illness but they prevent each other from actually killing him (episode 12 season 11: The Mansion Family). So there you have it, I called Gingrich, Mr. Burns!

But more seriously some of the attacks on Gingrich seem incoherent to me:

1. He is the ultimate Washington insider. But all the GOP establishment including Boehner hate him. Seems very contradictory to me.

2. He is a man of government. Is that suppose to be bad? Some months ago we were told that was Romney's pitch, that you need someone who knows how government is run to shrink it. And did not Dems complain about tea party b/c they hate governing? Gingrich loves to govern.

3. He has violated GOP orthodoxy. His heterodox views will be his assets in the general election. He is gone to the left on the immigration and environment. That criticism of Paul Ryan's plan will actually be touted as protecting Medicare against radicals on the right and the commie president who feasts on grandma's blood.

4. He is anti-libertarian. On national security libertarians have no public support. On that issue alone libertarians would lose the election to any mainstream candidate. And Gingrich scored lots of points by taking on the standard libertarian argument and saying something a vast majority of viewers were thinking when Paul was speaking. Moreover this only matters for primaries, in a general election Obama has no credential on this issue either.

5. He does not have the right temperament. Gingrich has gotten from nothing (or even less) to frontrunner status with no major gaffes. What makes you think he will have a self-destructive event in the next 238 days? Saying the guy has no discipline when has shown some in the recent past is not exactly convincing.

All this is not to say that I like Gingrich but that the attacks on him don't make sense which is usually a good sign for the person under attack.
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