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Diavlog comments Post comments about particular diavlogs here.
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Old 08-23-2011, 10:24 PM
timba timba is offline
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Default Bob, Bob, Bob - You're missing the point!

It's not that there's an accusation that BHTV takes money from los Koch.

The complaint is that BHTV is choosing its commentators because they're "more visible" as you clearly and openly explain.

This defeats the entire purpose of BHTV! Can't you see this? I mean, isn't the central point of BHTV to allow us to see and hear intelligent commentators on both sides who are NOT available on the corporate media? Hello? I mean - do you just want to become the internet version of Fox and MSNBC and sell yourself to the Times? (hmmmm ... maybe so) But why not stick with your original idea of providing a forum for truly intelligent and knowledgeable experts who are NOT tied in with our clearly compromised media system?

As for people to the left of Obama: Bernie Sanders, Thom Hartmann, Naomi Wolf ... or, better yet, the intelligent real progressives whose names I DON'T know!

And note well: I am NOT advocating for LESS conservatives - I'm advocating for INTELLIGENT conservatives not on the payrolls of the same people who have ruined the mainstream meda.

I'm willing to make exceptions for "blog-specific" diavlogs, which are entertaining. Matt Lewis has the intelligence of a very shrewd doberman retriever, but he's SPEAKING FOR AND ABOUT the low-intelligence right wing bloggers who are affecting the national discourse, so I'm not complaining about him. It's the "economic experts" paid by the Koch brothers who are such a nuisance and distraction.

You really need to vet your experts. We're counting on them to not only be experts but to not have to report back to a corporate employer and have their comments on BHTV colored by that conflict of interest.
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