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Old 05-30-2011, 07:32 PM
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Default Re: Values Added: It's the Religion, Stupid (Amy Sullivan & Melinda Henneberger)

The assertion that Democrats connived to get Jon Huntsman out of the country in order to remove a feared political opponent might benefit from evidence.

Henneberger and Sullivan snicker about prevailing anti-Mormon prejudice, while displaying resigned acceptance of anti-atheist prejudice.

Henneberger quotes Jackie O, but 'I don't think she said that publicly at the time.' Please, Ms. Henneberger: Provide a citation in which Jackie O ever made this statement [that JFK was a bad Catholic].

Sullivan claims hearing Howard Dean talk about how he left his church over a bike path. Please, Ms. Sullivan: Provide a citation in which Howard Dean publicly makes this assertion.

Sullivan: 'The more you hear about Mormon theology the more likely you are to think this is absolutely not part of my religion.' IOW--Sullivan's political thinking assumes adherence to mainline/evangelical Christianity; she has no desire to take a religiously-neutral perspective.

When you hear someone say, 'This election is one in which the economy will play a particularly prominent role,' you really have to re-evaluate your belief that you're not smart enough to appear on Bloggingheads.

Henneberger: Don't all our faiths sound a bit cultish to someone outside the faith? Certainly: Yes. Funny that Henneberger is aware of this damning insight--and assumes brushing it aside is honorable. Odd.

On leaving office, GWB admitted he is a religious liberal. (GWB accepts evolution and does not believe the Bible to be literally true.) It is surprising how many people still refer to GWB as 'a religious conservative'--even though we now know that he isn't: He's a politician who successfully passed himself off as a religious conservative.

Yes, Ms. Henneberger: GWB wore his religion on his sleeve. He successfully hoodwinked stupid people. That's correct.

Henneberger: Faith has become a proxy for Can I trust this guy? IOW, non-believers and non-Christians--to Henneberger--just have to accept their eternal second-class-citizenship.

Both Sullivan and Henneberger are constantly fudging, then, their role as neutral observer with their own approval of religion's political uses. Both hold politically-favored religious views and consider the perpetuation of said favoritism their birthright.

Can anybody find a link for the anti-Harkin ad, with the priest, to which Amy refers?

Amy Sullivan: [Ayn Rand] was just incredibly anti-religion. We're not required to like religion, are we? Why should Sullivan feel so comfortable in suggesting that opposition to religion should require apology? Henneberger, approving, again: '...Rand and Rome really don't go together...' [!]

Sullivan and Henneberger note that the media pay great attention to the Catholic Church's teaching on abortion but disregard the Church's liberal social-justice teachings.

Catholics themselves also make this 'error': If you ask Catholics what the most important political position advocated by their church is, you'll get abortion/pro-life. (The Catholic church I attend sponsors bus trips to anti-abortion rallies--and never to anti-poverty rallies.) This isn't a media misperception, in short--it's a reality that deserves being reported straightforwardly.
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