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Old 01-13-2011, 12:00 PM
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Default Re: Islam, Terrorism, and Justin Bieber (Matt Duss & Daveed Gartenstein-Ross)

Originally Posted by chamblee54 View Post
Oh my. Maybe I should wait until the diavlog is over to cop these dingalinks.
(The diavlog isn't over until the fat lady dingalinks)
Of course, Hiroshima made a few Japanese people glow as well.
The decision to nuke Japan is poorly understood today. The fact is that the Soviet Union invaded Manchuria the next day, and entered the war against Japan. Many feel this was the act that forced Japan to surrender. We will never know the truth. ( and did our Soviet "allies" know about the bomb?)

Even after Hiroshima and the Soviet invasion, the Japanese war cabinet could not agree to an unconditional surrender. It was only after the bombing of Nagasaki that the Emperor had to personally intervene to break the deadlock between the peace and war factions. Even that produced a coup attempt from junior officers in the IJA.

Originally Posted by Baltimoron View Post
Actually, factions within the Japanese Army and government had already informed the US government through back channels, that it would agree to surrender IF the US allowed Japan to keep the Imperial institution. The US refused to accept anything but unconditional surrender, the tradition since the Civil War - which really has no strategic value. Ironically, when the North Koreans invaded the South in 1950, in the midst in Japan of MacArthur's reforms to democratize Japan, one of the stipulations the Japanese government forced through for its aid to the US repelling the North Koreans was retention of the Imperial institution. So, I ask, ultimately what did the Bomb do?
Factions, i.e. there was no general agreement on a peace offer from the Japanese government. Powerful figures within the IJA such as Togo opposed a deal.

Besides, if the United States agreed to retain the Emperor, it would be an abandonment of the key war goal of the Allied powers: reconstruct Japanese society to eliminate the nationalist militarism (founded on subservience to the Imperial throne) that had killed millions and committed horrible war crimes.

Originally Posted by Baltimoron View Post
So, I ask, ultimately what did the Bomb do?
Saved countless of lives, not only Japanese and American soldiers who would have died in the fighting on the Home Islands, but also millions of Japanese civilians who would have starved to death with the failure of the rice harvest in '45 and '46.

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