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Old 10-02-2010, 09:30 PM
cosmic_electrons_dancing cosmic_electrons_dancing is offline
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Default Re: Science Saturday: Calculus Edition (Jennifer Ouellette & George Johnson)

Thank you Jennifer and George! As an admitted mathtard i really enjoyed the vlog. It is the kind of Science Saturday that stimulates and challenges. I'm wondering if either of you have ever noticed the oscillation that occurs in a family over generations? An example that springs to mind is a tea-totalling preacher who begets an offspring who spends his life as an alcoholic ne'rdowell who abhors religion who father's a child who becomes a tea-totaller religious fanatic. The particular problem is not as important as looking at the problem across the generations. A sort of oscillation becomes readily apparent. In a particular individual who, for example, struggles with a problem called "bi-polar disorder," or manic-depression, one could perhaps chart the progression of the symptoms over time and soon see a sine wave pattern reveal itself. At another, larger level the progression and regression of entire societies could be charted in a similar fashion. As Drs. Kerr and Bowen have pointed out in their book "FAMILY EVALUATION." "Humans evolved on this planet as a part of and in concert with all the other forms of life on this planet." Bowen theory stresses how important anniversaries are to the emotional system. One can more easily predict human behavior if one has more detailed information about the history and past of a person's emotional systems.

As another example, the stock market is clearly an emotional system. This month the market will experience the second anniversary of the '08 crash. It does not take a rocket scientist to predict another crash this month.

In another example, I have read where the NASA space program is laying off hundreds of workers. A truly sad state of affairs! But a third world country cannot afford a space program. The Chinese are progressing with a new lunar probe. It is painful to see the Great Republican Regression continue on unabated.
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