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Old 03-23-2010, 08:05 AM
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Default Re: Science Saturday: Who Got What Wrong? (Jerry Fodor & Elliott Sober)

Originally Posted by tom View Post
Comparing Fodor to ID proponents is terribly misguided.
I stated that responding substantively to Fodor would be the equivalent of responding substantively to ID proponents not because I think their positions are equivalent (either in quality or in content) but because I think Fodor resembles ID proponents in attitude toward arguments against his posiiton. That's why I quoted Block and Kitcher, which I will do again here,
"What Darwin Got Wrong shows no detailed engagement with the practice of evolutionary biology, nor does it respond to the many criticisms that have been leveled against earlier versions of its central ideas. In this latter respect, the authors resemble the creationist debaters who assert that evolution is incompatible with the second law of thermodynamics, hear detailed refutations of their charge, and repeat their patter in the next forum.”
Originally Posted by tom View Post
My "irritation with your post" was that you thought it worthwhile to score cheap shots at someone I admire. I continue to believe, based on your remarks, that you haven't even tried to grasp Fodor's argument. Yet you see value in insulting him and then posting someone else's criticism of him. This is behavior that I label "defensive"; I take you to be personally irritated by Fodor's criticism of a theory you subscribe to, and acting out accordingly. "Self-serving" is connected to "defensive" in that you are content with a caricature of someone against whom you want to score a few cheap points.
Wow. I can't decide if you're a would-be philosopher or a would-be psychologist. I am so sorry if, when I hear I a person say things like this, I consider that person to be hubristic and self-satisfied. You consider me to be insulting him. I consider me to be correctly describing him. My revulsion at his style is purely that, a revulsion at his style, not at the substance of what he is saying. You're welcome to admire his style if you wish. I need not. And you can label me in whatever way makes you feel good, but at best it shows you as playing pot to the kettle.

BTW, which of my remarks leads you to believe that I haven't even tried to grasp Fodor's argument?
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