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Old 11-28-2009, 06:13 PM
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Default Re: Mindfulness in Medicine (Alworth & SkepticDoc)

Sorry I've been lax about joining the conversation.

You have extrapolated "suffering" to extremes that really only exist in the margins of what I think Buddhist suffering is referring to. I see it more as the sufferings of the everyday, the everyman(woman). Its about dealing with the simple anxieties of life.
Actually, the suffering is related to the sense of self. (I'm talking Buddhist party-line here, not general philosophy. Much of what has been written seems accurate in different contexts.) When we have a sense of our self as being endangered, we suffer. This may be physical danger, or the sense of ourself. So while pain and suffering are related, the Buddhist sense of suffering is slightly different. My sense is that one of the reasons we feel pain, though, is to warn ourselves of danger. Pain isn't pleasant because evolutionarily, that wouldn't be as useful. So, in that way, it's similar.
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