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Old 08-10-2010, 07:01 PM
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Default Re: Values Added: I Like The Questions (Mollie Ziegler Hemingway & Frances Kissling)

Molly basically holds the conservative interpretation of the pope's infallibility. That is, all Catholics must submit to the See in 1 sense or another, so dissent must always be in conversation with it. Editorial Writer Man was clearly in rebellion, not submission, which is why he's probably a theological bad match for Catholicism.

Originally Posted by brucds View Post
Just to clarify, Mollie ZH isn't simply a "Lutheran." She's a member of the off-shoot Missouri Synod Lutheran sect. They are not part of the World Lutheran Federation, but a smaller association of fundamentalist who come out of the Lutheran tradition. Just for starters, these folks believe in "Biblical inerrancy." Which is every bit as crazy as it sounds. Also "Young Earth Creationism." And that the Pope is the "Anti-Christ." That's a literal statement from their "Book of Concord", which is key to the scriptures for this outfit. And of course, they will not ordain women. So when you hear "Lutheran", be aware of the Varieties of Lutheran Experience. Some are still locked in the 19th Century - the early part!
Your caricature would barely resemble the Wisconsin Synod, never mind the Missouri one. Also, you know, we came first (pockets of Scandinavians aside). It's not often that we get to be mocked incorrectly, though, being among the less public denominations. So, I appreciate the feeble belligerence, if only for the attention.
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