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Stupid pointless flame wars Flame wars from diavlog threads are dumped here.
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All hope abandon, ye who enter in.

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Old 08-02-2010, 06:20 PM
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Default Gumshoe, Whatfur, AemJeff et al.

Quoting twins:
Fox News may not have said anything about Sherrod on their cable news network before Sherrod was fired, although they obviously would have, had Sherrod delayed her resignation by a few more hours -- as you OBVIOUSLY are well aware.
But Fox News did start pimping Breitbart's lies before Sherrod was fired on:
— Their web site
— Their Twitter page
— Their Facebook page
And they spent the next several days either spreading Breitbart's lies or formulating their own attacks on Sherrod.
It's a strange (and obviously disingenuous) defense of Fox News to say they didn't do something before Sherrod was fired that they did do after she was fired. No one is falling for it.

For someone who apparently detests Fox, you certainly are overly familiar with their obscurest outlets. I had no idea they had a twitter or facebook page. Those are superficial compared to what gets broadcast. Moreover, if I were you I would forget this Fox smokescreen. That is not the issue. John and Glenn just spent an hour eviscerating your philosophy. They trashed affirmative action, "national racial conversations", leftist african-american studies programs, etc. You libs have much bigger problems, if John and Glenn are correct. Forget about Fox and try to find some stable ground. Personally, I hope you take your sweet time and keep whining about Fox as you sink deeper and deeper into the ocean of b.s. you and your cohorts have been piling up for decades. At least John and Glenn have the intelligence and critical thinking to cut their losses.

P.S. Breitbart's smashing of Acorn was an epic journalistic tour de force. If he baited the White House loons into shooting their last foot off, it's their fault. John and Glenn might not have had this epiphany if events had been otherwise.

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