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Old 10-22-2011, 12:57 PM
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Default Re: Question for the Libertarian Ideologue

Originally Posted by Parallax View Post
Katherine Mangu-Ward says that we spent a trillion dollars in the service of job creation and not a lot to show for it. Where does she get that figure?

Recall that from $787 billion of the stimulus:

(1) $288 billion was tax cuts; if they did not create jobs then she should revisit libertarian orthodoxy rather than blaming the stimulus ...

(2) $144 billion went to state and local; I doubt anyone argued this will create jobs. It did however save jobs by preventing job losses at the local and state level.

The rest, $357 billion, was actual spending. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is less than half of $787 billion and about a third of a trillion dollar. So either she is grossly misinformed or she is deliberately misleading her audience, and with ideologues usually the latter is the case ...

Let me first "ditto" anybody who lauds this point and the collection of the data behind it.

2nd let me add that facts don't matter when you have "Reason" behind you. It seems with her lazy description of what went on with the stimulus and solyndra that Ms. Ward is listening a bit too closely to the conservatarian mantra "the govt. can't do anything" that would seem to be chanted up and down the halls of Reason Magazine. Why bother with facts when faith provides all you need.

3rdly A pew study finds that obama's coverage in the so-called liberal media has been extremely negative.


Now add to this the fact that media blindly parrots the same misinformation that Ms. Ward er. blindly parrots ( excepts for NY times it seems: http://projects.nytimes.com/44th_president/stimulus ) just what are we talking about when we talk about liberal media bias ? Have the media moved closer to Fox news or the NY Times ? There was a time when the news was just that and didn't make much ( or in the case of TV lost it ) money. Now it's just another arm of the sales department. There was a time when the news was informing people now, it seems, they are spending their time trying to reduce your reliance on Reason and make you more pliable for the commercials and products that are sold under it's rubric.
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