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Old 09-06-2009, 04:39 PM
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Default Re: Science Saturday: Mistakes Were Made (Robert Wright & George Johnson)

A few random thoughts about today's Bloggingheads:

For at least 45 minutes, George gave Bob for free what most clients have to pay $150/hr. to a therapist. I thought George was magnificent and Bob was a great client.

Bob after being in Buddha-camp incommunicado for a week should have realized what every paranoid Italian (like me) knows, which is let down your guard and relax and in due time all hell will break loose.

Bob also seems to be feeling excessive pangs of guilt about all this brouhaha and I wonder, just wonder mind you, if there's some excessive guilt springing from a fear of success with all the wonderful publicity he's earned regarding his latest book, still 126th in sales at Amazon.com this minute!

Finally, if there's anyone still reading, I have to disagree with you, Bob, regarding through a higher entity setting up the blueprint of natural selection “intelligent design” (my words, not yours) of living organisms. It seems to me (similar to Gould's Panda's Thumb) that there is the “un-intelligent design” of organisms. An organism is not like a watch in any way in terms of the simplicity of form over function. It was demonstrated to me when my son had to have a sonogram of his heart (nothing serious it turned out). There were cilia-like things on the valves that looked like loose threats just floating in there. When I first saw them, I was really worried. "Just a normal heart," the doctor said. And again I realized that hearts (and organisms) are not built like watches by engineers but have evolved from the primordial messy stuff of atoms, elements molecules, tissues, etc. This is not the stuff that an intelligent maker would conceive, not even a designer giving the basic blueprint of natural selection. It is too messy, too prone to intense suffering to have been done by any foresighted fore thinking individual.
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