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Old 11-26-2011, 04:51 AM
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Default Best Diavlog Ever?

Maybe I am biased b/c I agree with so many of Mr. Mead's points but I thought this was one of the best diavlogs in a very long time. The last one on this level was between Frum (who sadly has not been around here lately) and Bob.

1. I think by now it should be obvious that American declinism is fad that will be over as soon as US economy returns to full employment. Of the 3 major competitors for US's place as the world's sole super power one imploded in the 90s (Japan), the second will soon cease to exist (EU) and the last one will be in very serious trouble when it experiences its first patch of slow growth (China).

2. Obama's foreign policy has been stellar: Al Qaeda's utter defeat, isolation of Iran, the war in Libya, the less reported victory in Georgia and now the Asian triumph.

3. Substituting FICA taxes with a Carbon tax would do so much good for US economy right now it hurts every time I think about it and realize it won't happen anytime soon.

4. The point about Ivy league schools producing highly intelligent and highly conformist graduates was something I had never considered before yet is such a intelligent and important point that I think we should pay more attention to it. It definitely deserves a more thorough exposition and examination.

5. Instead of giving examples from finance Glen could have named Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Larry Ellison. None of them finished college but they transformed America and arguably the world.

6. The only problem I had with Mr. Mead was his suggestion of a national exam like France's bac. While I understand where the idea comes from I am very skeptical. For one thing whoever administers this exam will have a great deal of power and so there will be great deal of fight on who gets to make the exam. And as one might expect with such a monopoly the chances of corruption are very high. Moreover I am not sure I want a single exam decide a person's life outcome (I guess this would be easier to overcome if the exam was held very often like every month or so). Given all this there are working examples of such an approach but they are used by graduate schools rather than employers: GRE, GMAT & MCAT.
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