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Old 07-11-2011, 10:57 PM
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Default Re: God and Mammon

Originally Posted by ledocs View Post
So the question is, is this kind of reasoning, the "Greed is good" kind, consistent with Christianity?
No. Granted, obviously you will be able to find Christians who disagree.

If it's not, why don't we hear more criticism of, e.g.,the institutions and people who made the financial crisis possible, by Christians, from a Christian point of view? Presumably if Reinhold Niebuhr were alive, he would have been writing things along the lines I have in mind.
Good question. A few reasons come to mind (including the nature of the criticism), but I am going to wait until tomorrow to try and flesh them out.

Here is another thing that has just occurred to me. Has there *ever* been one of these so-called Values-Added diavlogs in which the workings of the American and world economy are examined from a genuinely Christian point of view? I guess it's sort of a commonplace that Marxism is a kind of religion, and so Marxism replaces Christianity as the moral critic of capitalism, but how could Christianity possibly have ceded this ground, does that really make any sense, that we'll the let market produce as much as possible and then let private charity make up for any problems of distribution of wealth? What has that line, which is basically the one I gleaned from William Buckley in the 50's and 60's, got to do with Timothy 1:6,9?
I don't think so, and this actually gets to my usual criticism of the Values Added diavlogs, which is that they rarely get into real applications of religious ideas about morality and ethics, let alone actual debates about these things within or between religions. Instead, they either cover "what religious people or people affliliated with a religious group thing about politics" without any deep analysis as to why, or they are political debates by people publicly affiliated with religion that are not really any different than the usual political debates. For example, they brought on a Catholic sister and some Protestant guy to talk about immigration, but rather than discuss how their theology and moral views informed the debate, they talked briefly about how both of their denominations were officially in favor of the particular policy being discussed but many in both disagreed and then proceeded to talk about the supposed economic effects.

I think the kind of discussion you talk about should be had if we are going to have "Values Added" diavlogs. Of course, I don't know anything about the Templeton Foundation, so if they sponsor the diavlogs, who knows what the point is.
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