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Old 07-17-2009, 04:33 PM
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Default Re: A Good Chair is Hard to Find (Ezra Klein & Will Wilkinson)

Originally Posted by Whatfur View Post
I have much of the same opinions. So I generally I stick to Radio.

Bennett, Prager, Hewitt in that order are my favorites which might be surprising to some here as all three go out of there way to not insult the left (on purpose). Hewitt was on here once...but

Rush, Medved, Jason Lewis are good too...and BTW Rush still talks to 22million every day.

p.s. and BTW, most conservatives barely think Joe S. is one. He has been on that station too long and has been tainted. He has turned into more of a token there to be utilized like someone did here.
I listened to Rush every day when he first went on the air. That's a long time ago! Since I work alone, it was good company. But truly I think I've heard every thing he has to say and besides he's getting so fat! What happened to his fitness wife? I don't like Medved because he is so Christian and family values. Never heard of Lewis, but since I don't get regular radio here in the mountains, everyone is pretty much out. I actually listen a lot to NPR on XM....no commercials.

My sister loves Bennett and I guess I would, too. I don't like Hewitt because he was for measure 8 here in California and I don't agree with any of that stuff. As for Scarborough, I agree that Joe is sort of a sell-out, but a likable sell-out except, what the hell is Misha Brezinski doing? She acts like Vana White on Wheel of Fortune and Joe is forever cutting her off. She should punch him but she's probably making shitloads of money so why should she care.
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