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Old 01-11-2012, 12:13 PM
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Default Re: LOL

Great way to wake up this morning. Checked BHTV first thing and there's your idea-rich comment. While thinking about it I made the coffee and fed the cat - and so now I can get into it.

Originally Posted by badhatharry View Post
My dad slapped me in the face one time when I was on the fronts step with friends chosing 'it' for tag by using eeeny meeeny miney moe. I didn't even know what a ****** was. But later when I was an adult, he told me he didn't particularly like the colored.
My wife's father was also inclined to slap her around - especially for "sassing" as she explains it. He was also quite openly racist especially re: "negroes". She is a member of a Seattle play-writing / producing group. I wonder if there's some connection lol

I wonder if part of it may be wanting to see oneself in one way or another or convince oneself that one is some way or another.
You bet. As you know, in my amateur-psychologist way I've been trying to understand behavior as the result of what I call emotional forces or urges that spontaneously arise in the brain to situations we encounter. Two major categories of these forces are what I call social-identity (a desire to have others see us as the kind of person our society respects and admires) and personal-identity (a desire to see ourselves as the kind of person we respect and admire in ourselves). The former is about what others perceive in us (an honor / shame dimension); the latter is about what we see in ourselves (a dimension of integrity). I suspect these are distributed within and across cultures like other psychological bell-curve variables. These are what we recognize as both individual personality and the personality of particular cultures.

I think both of those are huge determinants of behavior (sources of the forces that shape our behavior). But since we can choose to ignore transgressions that only we know about - but can't easily escape how others see and judge us - the social identity emotions probably have more power to shape our behavior in most situations. And so we have evolved to be inherently tribal creatures.

Added: I am currently reading a book that shows these tribal forces at work in a very vivid way: "Murder in the Name of Honor" by Rana Husseini, a Jordanian writer/journalist.
Self determination for DNA

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