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Old 12-23-2011, 08:04 PM
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Default Re: Values Added: The Whirligig of Time (Glenn Loury & Walter Russell Mead)

Originally Posted by Ray in Seattle View Post
To expand on this just a bit. Loury illustrates this disconnect from reality very well. He said (paraphrasing) don't Americans see that the Arabs have all the oil and perhaps we'd be better off doing what it takes to be their friends? I must admit that my stomach turned over when I heard that - just as it does when I read comments by some here to that same effect. Does Loury really think that the average American would think it's a good thing to sell out our friends and allies for (possibly a few months of) cheaper gas at the pump? I think it's an argument that only a progressive lefty could make with a straight face. And when they make it most Americans become even stronger supporters of Israel - and develop an even stronger disgust with the left side of American politics, if that's possible.
I'd say my opinion on this since doing my research is amplified. Loury believes the creation of Israel was a travesty (nabka) and so while he attempts to avoid that question when confronted with it his brain consistently manufactures justifications for whatever policies would make it impossible for Israel to survive. This clip from another diavlog is pretty damning in that respect.

My overall impression is that Loury is a victim of some pretty serious identity pain in the past (that still continues) and that this has affected him in such a way that publicly attacking Israel's existence eases that pain. I'm sure he believes his views on Israel are based in the most noble morality. But the way in which he posed that question to Mead about Americans' support for Israel was very revealing.

IMO he's an object lesson in the power of one's identity beliefs to take over their cognitive system in support of those beliefs. In this case the reality of black anti-semitism is the underlying identity belief that he is publicly displaying - as a means of eliciting approval from that black community that he was seen to betray in the past. His (non-conscious) identity belief that this is what a good member in standing of the black American nation believes - and his strong need to be accepted in that community is what drives him IMO.
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