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Old 12-18-2011, 02:03 PM
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Default Re: Lessons Learned: Beyond Good and Evil (Robert Wright & Alan Wolfe)

Originally Posted by badhatharry View Post
...except I am wondering if there is a tie-in to Kant here.
OK - I've gone to several links now in my attempts to expand my knowledge on these topics. I'm afraid that again, by about the third paragraph of whatever I'm reading, I am overwhelmed by the sheer number of obviously crucial terms being used to make some point - each of which would require a week or more of in depth meditation and further reading to comprehend well enough to make sense of it. Not only that but I suspect that to be fully certain I grasped the material I would need several years of immersion and meditation. And so to avoid reaching conclusions based only on partial knowledge, for now I will leave your question unanswered.

OTOH I don't mean in any way to deprecate the philosophic questions that several members here like you and Stephanie seem to value and find relevant. I encourage you to enlighten me - if you wish - by perhaps putting the question in your own terms in the context of this discussion rather than referring to Kant and Hume's ideas on these things.


Your question has caused me to reflect on why I have so much trouble thinking about philosophical questions. I think the problem is that I am (almost passionately) drawn to understanding human nature - behavior. I see philosophy only as an interesting side-effect of human nature - our ability to conceptualize to extremely deep levels of abstraction. I'm sure the product of philosophical minds has intrinsic value - and I'm sure it provides intense intellectual stimulation for many smart people. But I doubt that it holds answers to the puzzles I find most interesting and so I feel I'm getting off-track when I do wade in to the philosophical waters even if only up to my ankles - like now.

To verify that I have no deep-seated antagonism toward the field of philosophy or philosophers you should known that in the early sixties when I was about twenty - I took to hanging out at book stores and coffee shops known as "beatnik hangouts" - where I would wear turtle neck sweaters and smoke a pipe - but without inhaling. Unfortunately this did not cause any remarkable improvement in my sex life and it was also difficult keeping track of the pipes, tobacco, lighter, pipe cleaners, etc. One of them was always missing. And so I eventually went back to souping up my '51 Ford Victoria to make it the ultimate chick magnet - which was more fun and at least not less successful.
Self determination for DNA

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