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Old 01-23-2012, 09:24 PM
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Default Re: SOPA, Keystone XL and NDAA

Originally Posted by handle View Post
Disagree, this is a climate change issue, I'm saying why spend billions tooling up for this when the effort to reverse climate change will make it short lived, at best. No matter where the tooling takes place. Canada is not immune to any of this. But if it's their investment, it'll be their loss.

Nothing is going to stop us from using oil for transportation until we have a real alternative. Period. Not delaying pipelines. The only thing gained from this was the loss of added jobs. That is why it is such an exceptionally stupid thing to be against.

What this was really about for those who opposed the pipeline is not wanting any new money going into oil infrastructure. Because if we put less money into it, we'll use less, or we'll have an impact on using less oil. No, wrong, fantastically wrong. These people believe such idiotic things that they need to be disabused.

It smacks of the old style of malthusian disaster myths that Ehrlich types tried to resurrect, and never let die no matter how many times they were shown to be wrong.

Overpopulation leads to mass starvation and loss of quality of life, ergo, what we need is fewer people.

Boy, there's a great solution, pure nihilism and defeat. The sort of give up and die attitude so loved by lefty enviros.

The contrast of course was the work of Norman Borlaug and his green revolution. Instead of focusing on limiting populations, he focused on increasing the food supply so that people could live and be well, prosper, and not starve.

And that attitude is the right one when it comes to our energy needs.
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