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Old 01-23-2012, 02:32 PM
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Default Re: SOPA, Keystone XL and NDAA

Originally Posted by sugarkang View Post
That's the point. They will cook up the sludge regardless of what we do. Now, the Canadians will just sell their oil to China and we will forego that supply difference with more Middle Eastern. What's the point of that?

I think climate change is real, but this isn't a climate change issue. It's a "what will happen in reality" issue. And therefore...
Disagree, this is a climate change issue, I'm saying why spend billions tooling up for this when the effort to reverse climate change will make it short lived, at best. No matter where the tooling takes place. Canada is not immune to any of this. But if it's their investment, it'll be their loss.

Originally Posted by sugarkang View Post
Like Solyndra? Totally agree.
I realize this is another right wing hobby horse, but this is something we should let the chinese, who have a head start, choke on. Making a token effort to compete with them, however, even if it is not intended as such, isn't such a bad thing.
Why? I see it like SDI, if they are trying to beat you at doing something impossible or develop an un-competetive technology, then they will suffer, and them seeing us make serious efforts toward the same goal can catalyze the process.
Sometimes government spending results in unintended (or not) benefits, technologies get tested, new ones emerge, and sometimes, adversaries are pushed over the edge (remember the "cold war"?). Solyndra may, or may not be an example of what I'm talking about, but it is being used to argue against such things.

I suspect now you are gonna tell me how the private sector is better at everything. The only problem with this concept is they are obviously not motivated to invest in unprofitable ventures for strategic purposes, nor should they be.
Yes we need to reel in government spending, but striking a workable balance is critical to our ultimate survival IMO, and knowing how best to do this should be left to smarter guys than me, and certainly not staunch ideologues, plutocrats, or autocrats.
"God is a metaphor for that which trancends all levels of intellectual thought. It's as simple as that." J. Campbell

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