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Old 04-25-2011, 07:32 PM
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Default Re: The Vineyards of the Fringe (Ben Smith & David Weigel)

Originally Posted by nikkibong View Post
er, because he wouldn't eligible to be president if he wasn't born in the US. citizenship is not the issue.

NB: i do not embrace said "theory."
I think the main reason why "Truthers" are shamed out of public life, while "Birthers" are merely chuckled at and politicians can recover from "wondering" about Obama's background is because the charge itself is so much less serious.

There's not a lot of harm in speculating that the President might be impeachable for lying about his resume. It's baseless and groundless, but apart from revealing yourself to be a misinformed sap, no real harm is done.

But Truthers believe that our previous president participated in the cold-blooded murder of over 3,000 innocent civilians. That's not the sort of charge you just throw around loosely.

The "birther" conspiracy, if true (it's not) would be a cover-up of a much smaller scale than Watergate. One slightly-crooked doctor and/or a few small-time clerks to intimidate, and it's done.

The "truther" conspiracy, if true (it's not) would be the greatest crime in the history of America. It would also require an ARMY of highly-placed bureaucrats, politicians, soldiers and foreign diplomats, all to be in on it and never come out and reveal it.

So Trump thinks the birth certificate is worth asking about. Meh. There are plenty of better reasons to not vote for the guy than his fetish for this weird notion.
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