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Old 10-13-2010, 11:27 AM
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Default Re: The Challenge of Islam (Robert Wright & Akbar Ahmed)


I don't know what your etc. is, but so-called "honor" killings are not about Shari'ah. Such acts are in fact completely forbidden by Shari'ah.

As to your "m.o. of Islam" you have no idea of what you are talking about. Can you give me a single historical example of what you contend to be the "historical pattern"? In actual fact, in the central areas of the early Islamic expansion, what actualy happened is that Muslims conquered militarily and existed as a ruling minority for a long long time as people slowly converted (in general, of course with exceptions) they were not forced to convert but being Muslim brought advantages in those societies.

Originally Posted by geoffrobinson View Post
The fears about sharia come from two sources.

1) Europe. We see creeping sharia in Europe. Please use Google if you need examples. Honor killings, etc.

2) The M.O. of Islam is to go along to get along, try to set up parallel sharia systems, and then when they are in a position of power with numbers, shove it down everyone's throat. This is just the historical pattern.

Will this happen in America? Not anytime remotely soon. Although I would suspect in pockets like Dearborn, MI it could happen. (not fully implemented sharia) You recently saw evangelists arrested in Dearborn for distributing literature to Muslims.
Oh, and don't forget the takeover in the mythical land of Frankford, Texas. By the way, the evangelists were acquitted by a jury on "disturbing the peace" charges.

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