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Old 01-31-2010, 11:11 PM
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Unhappy Re: Is civility in the blogosphere overrated? (AemJeff & Bobby G)

Originally Posted by AemJeff View Post
Let me remind you of some of 'fur's charming habits - calling people who disagree with him "pukes," for instance. Or obscene rickrolls in lieu of responses to an argument. Not to mention ridiculously peurile allusions to opponents' sexual preferences; lies about what was said in private communications; physical threats, etc...

Compared to your list, I don't think there's much comparison. Disliking Althouse (I've been pretty harsh about her, too. I stand by that.) or McArdle, or even saying so, isn't necessarily an offense; though of course those thing can be expressed offensively. You don't mention the fact Althouse gives as good as she gets, and has distinguished herself as the single most disrespectful, uncivil person ever to headline a diavlog - which is why judgments on her can be so harsh. (Remember Garance?) Repeating old slanders about Jonah's weight is in pretty bad taste, I agree. But it still doesn't rise to the levels I just described.

You ignore harkin's equally insulting attitude towards his opponents. pisc has his own moments, too; though he's certainly gentler than many of us. I'm not quite sure how saying the word "fuck" figures into this, at all.

Reading what you said above back, do you really feel comfortable regarding it as a refutation of what I said? I think you have more self-awareness than that. Seriously. I like interacting with you in the forum here, and I don't particularly want to alienate you. But you seem to have drawn a bead on some of the folks participating here, and I feel as if I'm at least caught in the crossfire. You're free to feel any way at all about anybody here; but I think you're justifying your feelings with sweeping and unwarranted judgments about some of the rest of us.
You have heard that two wrongs don't make a right. I don't give a damn what Fur did, it does not excuse the things I listed in the uncletomese paragraph. You are simply blind to how obnoxious the gang's treatment of 'the other' is. You are all so full of yourselves thinking your soooo funny, but you don't realize you're operating on a clique high school level. Well carry the hell on.

I see that Fur has cleaned his act up and I have never seen Harkin do other than state the facts as he sees them and refer to you all as a clique, which is what you are.
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