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Old 01-31-2010, 10:26 PM
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Default Re: Is civility in the blogosphere overrated? (AemJeff & Bobby G)

Originally Posted by [I
AemJeff;149211]I think you overstate your case by an order of magnitude. It also seems to me that, in large part, your judgments are based on your personal feelings about the personalities involved. It certainly seems to be the case that you judge a subset of the community here in far harsher terms than you do the rest; and that you apply a different standard of behavior, depending on whom you're applying judgment. (Have you ever called Whatfur, for instance, to the carpet, even once? I challenge you to find instances where your b皻e noire has approached even one hundredth of his worst violations of any standard of civility you care to name.) You also seem to have let yourself off the hook entirely. (I'd further challenge you to find many utterances [other than those from the above named member] from this forum more uncivil than "go piss up a rope," for instance.)

This is, in my judgment, a pretty mild mannered community in comparison to most of the politically active online fora you might find.
Please find an instance where I said anything like piss up a rope before, which by the way is genteel considering some of the phrases your pals use. And please understand that when I said it it was in responsed to B being all friendly and jokey the next morning after he'd been so insulting the night before.

Brendan is far more incivil than Fur. Just consider his behaviour toward Arndt, Althouse, McArdle, Goldberg, pisc, harkin, lyle, Dee Bee, Noggin, and harry.

And now we have the most hostile person on the board trying to tell nikki what an awful person he is. Nikki's biggest crime is having mind enough of his own to find some appreciation for figures like KS and disregard for people like Sullivan.

Finally you ask for instances as bad as piss up a rope, which by the way, where I grew up was a mild saying, equivalent to piss off. Let's see, what about using the search with clay's name for 'fuck' or 'shit.' Let's talk about
the constant use of 'wingnut' against people like pisc and harkin. They're not birthers or truthers or religious extremists or bigots, but by gum they're to be ridiculed anyway because they don't conform to groupus superiorous. Let's talk about calling Goldberg doughy and overfed. Let's talk about the time you broke into Uncletomese in the Skip Gates thread. Let's talk about the time Eb made those vile comments about Meade and Franke-Ruta, which stood by the way, though Fur calling Eb a prig was deleted. Hey, and did you know B can't stand McArdle? I'm sure you do, as he can't refrain from sobbing and howling at her appearances.

And please don't refer to B as my bete noire. He's nothing more than a small fish in a small pond who uses up more than is fair share of oxygen.
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