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Old 11-18-2008, 02:59 PM
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Default Re: The Wonder Years

Originally Posted by Tara Davis View Post

The super-wealthy in modern western civilization do not (and never have) rely on salaries. Obama's "top 5 percent" are not captains of industry or wealthy heiresses. They are surgeons with steep student-loan payments, small business owners obsessing over the pens in their supply closets, and lawyers who gave up the primes of their youths to get where they are.
i'm amazed by the lack of reasoning on the left AND the right.
jesus h. christ, nobody is talking about lawyers and doctors having to prop up the poor and irresponsible.

lawyers ON AVERAGE make 85K per year. these people would get a tax cut. save me the crap about steep student loan payments because i'm in law school now.

compare that to the bankers, fund managers, stock brokers, that need nothing more than a high school education to get their jobs and DO NOT ADD wealth to society. 400 million dollar severance packages. does anyone really *deserve* that much money? yes, if you're a job creator. these people are not.

so in essence WE ARE talking about the paris hiltons, the celebrities, the socialites, the bankers, the traders that should pay the burden. and yes, if the yacht industry collapses because the rich get taxed more, i don't see why that's such a big deal. the new consumer market for rich people is absolutely appalling. $10,000 vertu mobile phones, $8,000 earphones? give me a break.

i hate seeing entrepreneurs get taxed, because they raise living standards for everyone. but if you're making OVER $250K a year, and half the nation is struggling, how about supporting the system that made you wealthy in the first place?

I'd like to see the bulk of tax revenues go into infrastructure, rather than as a cash payout. schools hours need to be doubled with exercise programs reinstated to combat obesity. that means plenty more teachers. end jail time for drug addicts, and use that money instead to promote birth control amongst those who are irresponsible. double the jail time for violent criminals.
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