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Old 08-20-2008, 03:05 AM
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Default Re: No!: It's "Realism" about Obama

Originally Posted by TwinSwords View Post
(Referring to the Eastwest post) One of the challenges the Democrats face, one of the reasons it's hard for us to win presidential elections, is because people like you and Glenn want us to lose. [EW: This is Fox News style jive.] Every bit of energy you and he invest in this campaign is intended to weaken the candidate. You might as well be a Republican. You're the functional equivalent of a wingnut. Perhaps worse, as attacks on two flanks are more difficult to contend with than attacks on just one.

Nothing seems to lift your and Glenn's spirits or bolster your self-regard as much as bad news for Democrats.

Heck, even when there is no bad news for Obama -- he's been leading all summer [EW: "Screwing up all summer" is more like it.] , albeit by a slowly declining margin -- you crow about how he's losing. It's people like you who are going to doom this country to three more Scalia's on the Supreme Court and an irreversibly entrenched Republican fascism. For the life of me I don't understand why that makes men like you and Glenn so gosh darned happy.

Here's the deal: It's not about Glenn and his insecure jealousy of Obama, or his need to win all those arguments he's been having with his wife. It's not about you or your bitterness over Hillary's defeat. Neither one of you seems able to see past your own personal feelings. You both know what's better for the nation, and you are both determined to make sure it doesn't happen. [EW: The term for this little rant of yours is: "Assigning Motives." (Inaccurately, btw.)]

I can appreciate why it rankles that Dem cats don't herd very well and continue to call out jive and artifice when it's obvious.

But let's get real: Maybe a few thousand votes (max) would get influenced by Loury's having to laugh to keep from crying in his observations of Obama's pomposity, artifice, and amateurishness. Maybe a dozen (max) would ever be influenced by my own statements in that vein.

BHTV forum is a miniscule puddle in the great sea of electoral politics read almost solely by perhaps a hundred little minnows who think they're sharks and, as with your post, assume they're chatter is somehow consequential even though, of course, it's not, not, not.

So you can breathe a sigh of relief. If Obama didn't act like a pompous air-head, people like Glenn wouldn't call him out for it. The ball's in his court (again). We'll just see if he keeps dancing and pirouetting for the cheerleaders or gets down to the business of keeping the ball in play. Damn. There he goes again: another double fault!

I still want him to win, but I'm not going to quit calling them the way I see them just cuz a few reality-challenged bloggers get miffed over a little criticism of their amateur-hour political idol.


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