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Old 07-11-2008, 10:47 PM
bjkeefe bjkeefe is offline
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Default And now, a complaint you've never heard from me before

(The BH.tv 60-second rule: In any segment discussing how bad Obama is in all bad ways and how bad this is for him, do not stop for more than one minute at a time.)

In fairness, I did enjoy the far-more-than-one-minute discussion on energy quite a bit. Thanks for that.

However ...

When the topic was the presidential campaign, campaign was, once again, singular. Do we, or do we not, have more than one person running for president?

Bill -- you did a bang-up job combatting the current MSM narrative and rightwing talking points on Obama. You were articulate, specific, and convincing. But I do have to ask: Are you letting Conn set the agenda on these segments? Most of the discussion sounded like Conn got to pick the questions and you were forced to play defense. Perhaps you wanted to air these topics out, and so asked or agreed to talk about them. If so, I withdraw the suggestion about Conn setting the agenda.

Still, here are a few things that happened within the past couple of weeks, that were blogged about on non-obscure blogs, that involved ol' ... what's his name again ... you did mention that his flip-flop count is now up to 61 ... oh, yeah ... John McCain.

Maybe you could have talked about the increasingly obvious bias for McCain on the part of the Associated Press (that erstwhile paragon of objectivity) being documented by, among others, The Carpetbagger Report and T P M?

Maybe gaffes are more to your taste? Okay, then how about McCain surrogates Giuliani and Romney questioning whether Obama is "American enough," surrogate-in-chief Joe Lieberman spreading the meme that Obama is "no friend of Israel," chief economic advisor Phil Gramm saying America is a "nation of whiners," or Carly Fiorina going way off the reservation and effectively criticizing the McCain record on women's health issues?

Do these seem as bad as Wes Clark's saying that having your plane shot down doesn't necessarily mean you're qualified to be president? Should the words bus and throw be used in the same sentence about any of these people?

Okay, those are only surrogates. Perhaps some doozies from the Maverick Himself? How about McCain joking about killing Iranians, again, this time with cigarettes, McCain calling Social Security "a disgrace," and then trying to spin his way out of it, or McCain lying about "300 economists" supporting his budget plan? How about a few minutes on McCain's desire to kick Russia out of the G8? Does he even know that he can't do this, by himself? Or is he flip-flopping and backpedaling on this, too? Is he losing his marbles or losing his integrity? Is it fair to ask this?

Just askin'.

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