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Old 12-10-2011, 07:49 AM
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Default Re: Whitewashing The Civil War

Originally Posted by Don Zeko View Post
I don't see how this is anything resembling an attempt to weigh the moral monstrosity of a few decades of totalitarianism, aggressive war, and industrial genocide against a few centuries of chattel slavery, which is itself a fairly silly project. What Cragger is pretty clearly doing is bringing up Nazis to find other examples of competent and courageous soldiers that fought for an inexcusable cause. So if you're comparing the Confederacy to Nazi Germany in that very limited sense of being a cause that cannot be defended by any fair-minded observer, then the comparison is perfectly valid.
Precisely. After reading this entire thread from beginning to end, I still have no idea why Sulla cannot simply acknowledge that he misunderstood the point of the analogy. Unless what you go on to say....

All of this stuff you're dredging up about the nihilistic left and slavery tainting American history is not coming from the people you're responding to, it's coming from your own hang-ups and ideological grudges.
is true.

Bear in mind that the Coates article that started this whole discussion (and that every liberal in this thread has been praising) is arguing in favor of seeing the Civil War as a triumphant history of Americans overcoming past injustices to better embody the ideals of the Declaration.
Instead of recognizing this, Sulla devotes all his energy to justifying the institution of slavery in the south on the grounds that it was not so bad, that it was historically "necessary" or that slavery in general was a common practice before modern times. I am not sure what he is saying exactly. A sufficiently perverse historian could come up with a similar theory to justify the persecution of minorities, and even ethnocide, for example the extermination by design and accident of the Amerindians by European and later American colonizers from the 16th century on.

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