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Old 09-02-2011, 07:09 PM
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Default Re: tar sands and keystone pipeline

Originally Posted by graz View Post
Again, credit to you for civility.

My take for what it's worth: As to honesty, you've stated before that you are playing at winning arguments more than expressing principles.
I think you've misunderstood my intent. I am a moral subjectivist. Therefore, some values that I consider to be valid will conflict. Abortion is a clear case example of that. I have an opinion on it, but I can make arguments for both sides. Representing one side isn't dishonesty. Justice Brennan personally despised abortion and he's one of the greatest liberal Justices in our history.

One constant is defaulting to libertarian economic analysis, regardless of the subject at hand. Really, doesn't everything come down to economics? Well no.
Sure, but economics is what's most important to me just as Apple's hobby horse seems to be Islam. Economics will be the most important thing in 2012 as well.

More tiresome is your pose of hating both or all sides, parties, traditions, etc. As if you are offering a unique or new approach. That really is the dictionary definition of glib.
Pretty sure I mentioned that I never expected to be liked. If people like me, that's great. However, that's going to have to be a side effect. My number one goal in life is not to win hearts and minds. I'm not running for office.

I also never complained about your trolling of me or anyone else. And I never complained about any of your posts to any moderators, either. We just have different expectations of life.
The mixing of populations lowers the cost of being unusual.
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