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Old 09-14-2010, 12:03 AM
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Default Re: Self reliance - let's give it a try

Originally Posted by BornAgainDemocrat View Post
I don't know who Stacy is but I follow Sailer closely and I'm sure he is not a white supremacist, as anyone can see from his debate with Jared Taylor.

AemJeff has a habit of accusing people of bigotry. Bigotry is a serious charge in our society and rightly so in my opinion. But falsely accusing someone of bigotry because you disagree with their libertarian opinions is also serious. Unless backed up by evidence it is a form of intellectual intolerance (by means of personal slander) and hence a form of bigotry itself.

I say this as a foe of libertarianism and advocate for the interests ordinary working people, of all races. Let us frankly declare what we care about and argue on the merits.
I have a habit of calling White Supremacists racists. I don't do it lightly, and I present evidence when I do it. I've made the case against Sailer more than once. VDARE is a White Supremacist site, of the specific "Scientific Racist" species, in which white guys talk about the genetic inferiority of black folks, but excuse themselves by saying "but they run fast!" "Stacy" is Robert Stacy "The Other McCain" McCain. Yet another crypto-racist (it's shocking, I know, they try to obfuscate their aims from general view.) One minor clue, in Stacy's case is this tidbit uncovered by Charles Johnson: "Porch Monkey" McCain. For Sailer and VDARE, here are a few links:





Here are a couple of pulls from that last one: (I've posted these before in response to BAD. I hope BAD will be kind enough to explain these in non-racist terms, this time around.)

The unofficial state motto is "Laissez les bons temps rouler" or "Let the good times roll." Compare that to New Hampshire's official motto of "Live free or die," which display a rather different understanding of freedom. Louisiana's reigning philosophy is freedom from responsibility.

It's a general rule that the tastier the indigenous cuisine, the lousier the government. Its culture has provided America with jazz, A Street Car Named Desire, and the great American comic novel of the 20th Century, A Confederacy of Dunces. New Orleans is a nice place to visit. But you wouldn't want to raise your kids there.

All this is now common parlance, more or less. What you won’t hear, except from me, is that "Let the good times roll" is an especially risky message for African-Americans. The plain fact is that they tend to possess poorer native judgment than members of better-educated groups. Thus they need stricter moral guidance from society.

New Orleans itself is two-thirds black. It has had nothing but black mayors since 1978. All four of them are from the light-skinned "creole of color" elite, including the notorious Marc H. Morial, now head of the National Urban League. The city government is corrupt and lackadaisical. While the police department has perhaps rebounded from the depths it reached a decade ago when an officer was condemned to death for having a mother of three rubbed out by drug gangstas in his employ, nobody should be surprised that last week numerous officers ran away, and some even freelanced as looters.
It also should have been expected that a large fraction of New Orleans's lower class blacks would not evacuate before a disaster. Many are too poor to own a car, or too untrustworthy to get a ride with neighbors, or too shortsighted to worry.

Judging from their economic and educational statistics, New Orleans' blacks are not even an above-average group of African-Americans, such as you find in Atlanta or Seattle, but more like Miami's or Milwaukee's. About half are below the poverty line. With the national black average IQ around 85, New Orleans' mean black IQ would probably be in the lower 80s or upper 70s.

And of course nobody, despite what they may say, is all that much startled that, when the city's whites and more prosperous and/or foresightful blacks left, New Orleans quickly turned into its demographic analog, Haiti—where 2004's Tropical Storm Jeanne unleashed similar mayhem and chaos.

Bill Quigley, a law professor at Loyola of New Orleans who represents political prisoners in Haiti, stayed behind with his wife, who is a nurse. He noted:

"I had always hoped that Haiti would become more like New Orleans, but what's happened is New Orleans has become more like Haiti here recently."

In contrast to New Orleans, there was only minimal looting after the horrendous 1995 earthquake in Kobe, Japan—because, when you get down to it, Japanese aren't blacks. For example, the per capita imprisonment rate for Asian-Americans is about 1/30th that of African-Americans.

Nor is it surprising that the black refugees at the Superdome and the convention center failed to get themselves organized to make conditions more livable. Poor black people seldom cooperate well with each other because they don't trust other blacks much, for the perfectly rational reason that they commit large numbers of crimes against each other.
-A. E. M. Jeff (Eponym)
Magnets - We know how they work!

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