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Old 03-05-2010, 11:09 PM
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Default Re: Waterboarding/Torture (Mark Kleiman & Will Wilkinson)

Originally Posted by sirfith View Post
So when will Mark and Will call for the banning of Waterboarding in Special Forces training? If not why do they support the US Military torturing our own troops?
A little more follow-up, if not for your edification, then perhaps for others':

Another mischaracterization in Courting Disaster is Thiessen's claim that CIA water-boarding is identical to the water-boarding given American troops in training. Thiessen calls it "absurd" to believe we would torture our own troops. But if it were the same as the training given American troops, detainees would be told beforehand that it's temporary and voluntary; they'd have a codeword to make it stop at any time; and be reassured that it would not harm them permanently. Real water-boardingunlike resistance trainingexploits the real fear of death. The detainee does not know when, or if, it will stop. This is no different than charging the slide of a pistol and pointing it at a prisoner's head. The soldier holding the pistol may have taken precautions (removing the bullets from the magazine and/or getting the Justice Department to produce memos calling it legal), but it's still illegal, as the military courts determined when an American soldier did just this in Afghanistan. Threatening prisoners with death or physical harm is torture. That's precisely why the Geneva Conventions, the U.N. Conventions Against Torture, U.S. law, and military regulations prohibit it.
The above is from a review of Marc Thiessen's recent book published on Slate by "Matthew Alexander," "... a former senior military interrogator who publishes under a pseudonym for security reasons." Anyone who has any doubts along the lines that sirfith expresses, about water-boarding Our Troops or any of the other fallacies the pro-torture crowd espouses, is strongly encouraged to read it. Those already on firm enough moral ground to know how fundamentally wrong torture is, and how water-boarding is in fact torture, may enjoy reading it for the devastation.

(h/t: Adam Serwer)

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