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Old 04-08-2009, 11:17 AM
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Default The Queen of Anec-data...

Why Megan McCardle is a blessing and a curse:

Megan whines so you don't have to.

Even though commenter (amigammon) mistakes Drum for the Queen, he gets the general sentiment right:

amigammon April 7, 2009 1:31 PM
"Er..." Are you English or Australian? I didn't see many English idioms like "dodgy" or "Bob's your uncle." Or are you US born? In that case it is "Uh" No one actually says "Er". Either that or since you aren't actually quoting anyone but typing your own words, you can, uh, just delete it.
Anyway, if you think that using 1/6th the energy of a regular, mostly heat producing light bulb (remember Easy-Bake ovens?) is not helping things, then by all means, put a 60 watter near your bed, along with an aspirin bottle, just in case.
Your toilet problem? I have an "econo" low flow toilet, and when I perform an act that might clog it, I simply flush it more than once during the procedure. Yes, this uses more water, but 2 flushes on the new one use still less water than one flush on the old one.
One way to do a nice clean phosphate free wash is to use soap flakes with softened water and rinsed with the addition of vinegar. There are other ways, too.
I notice you use the terms, "sucked" and "annoying" in regards to the newer, more earth sustainable products. To me, unnecessarily aiding the demise of the environment sucks and is annoying.
Kevin, maybe what you could do is search for photos of what 300 million looks like visually. My WUXGA (1920X1200) laptop screen has about 2.2 million pixels on it, give or take. That makes 131 laptops' pixels to equal the no. of Americans using light bulbs, toilet water, and phosphate detergent for something that they wore one day or dried off with once. Now magnify each of those pixels into 15 gallons of water per day, or a cup of phosphate detergent or the fuel to power your heat giving light bulb for a year. For the entire Earth, that would be the pixels of 2,900 WUXGA laptops like mine. Granted, not all people produce the waste that we do, but I would like to do what I can to lean in that direction while not complaining about it. Civilized people produce way too much waste. Now that really sucks, wouldn't you agree, Kevin?
Gee, I didn't know that bellyaching like a spoiled child could get you a job at the Atlantic. I have read it for years and have never seen anything so pathetic.

jfxgillis April 8, 2009 8:50 AM


Did they teach you about externalities in your Econ 101 class or did you cut that day?

Unbelievable. Used to write for the Economist. Now Business editor of the Atlantic. Doesn't get something a high school sophomore understands.

When an individual action is rational at the individual level but irrational at the collective level, it requires collective intervention. If we hadn't had this issue arise in dozens of ways across the last thirty years at least, on everything from California's emission standards to the congestion pricing in London, you might have an excuse. But it has and you don't.
Tradeoffs indeed. The cost of more Megan appearances on bhtv is having to be subjected to her stream of consciousness - which includes anecdotes that needn't be supported with evidence and the retelling of received wisdom from her small circle of influence. Who needs supporting data when a personal impression or the opinion of a friend trumps reality.

And her presence denies the slot to other voices. I for one am tired of hers.
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