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Diavlog comments Post comments about particular diavlogs here.
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Old 02-05-2009, 12:02 AM
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Default Re: The Pinkie Finger Prism

Originally Posted by bjkeefe View Post
Nah. To use your favorite formulation, it's because you kept getting destroyed. Now you're reduced to sniveling in the corner and directing insults at me without having the guts to mention my name.

When you're not repeating lies about me you know not to be true, I mean.
Why would I not have the guts to mention you by name? Am I scared of you? How old are you?

You made personal attacks without responding substantively so I stopped replying to you. You mentioned not giving a shit about my opinion or whether I agreed with you or not (even when I said I agreed with you). Ironically, you continued to reply to my posts, line by line, in other threads. I continued to ignore your comments until recently.

I understand that people can sometimes get frustrated during argument and degenerate into personal attacks. I thought that you were a mod in the traditional sense, and therefore I held you to a higher standard. I've modded forums myself in the past and declined to mod other forums, just knowing what a pain in the ass it can truly be. AemJeff said that you are just a spam filter. I didn't know that, so I retract my earlier critcism. However, it still feels a bit "off" for you to be so vocal on a website that devotes itself to all points of view.

If it tickles your fancy to think that you destroyed me, that's fine. If I win hearts and minds, great. If I don't, no big deal. I'm in law school. I win and lose arguments all the time. I argue for positions I don't believe in. I enjoy arguing for the sake of arguing because I believe it will help me fine tune my craft. I have always tried to keep my side of the discourse respectful. If I was disrespectful in some way, I apologize. I have tried to watch my remarks on this board after my exchange with Titstorm, despite my belief that he was trolling.
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