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Default Re: BH logo and home page design

Cool. I'm torn on the logo. I like the dot-matrix look but the different shades make my eye miss the "BH" (especially the B) at first which is cool artistically but not sure if that's good for something you want recognizable. As far as the page design, I like it except that I kindof like having the segment topic links spelled out without the reader having to hover the mouse over them. Yours is a cool way of making it look more modern but I know I have several times been attracted to click on a topic for a diavlog I wasn't even gonna necesarrily watch, just because I read the clever name for a given segment. But these are hair-splitting comments on my part and all-in-all I think your design is cool. Also, keep in mind that I tend to be the cantankarous afraid-of-change type that raised a fuss when they decided to ditch the REALLY low-fi original design, so I wouldn't put much stock in my critiques. Thanks for putting your time into it. I'll be interested to see if the BH overlords implement any/all of your designs.

PS in a tangential note, I'm currently reading "Consciousness Explained" by Dan Dennett and just read the parts about color phi, so your logo moved me, so to speak.
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