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Default Re: Jan 6th - TWiB Bill Scher and Matt Lewis

Ocean, I guess you must have missed Bob's note here in vBulletin. Here's the relevant part:

By popular demand, we’re going to experiment with keeping the vBulletin forum open for those of you who want to keep using the platform to talk about non-diavlog-related stuff. But please, please, please don't use vBulletin threads to comment on the diavlogs. That would draw your energy away from the diavlog pages just when we need you to help us keep those pages smart and vibrant. The Disqus platform, being more accessible than vBulletin, will probably bring more newcomers, so we want you to be there setting an example, helping to sustain the spirit of constructive contention that you’ve built here.
[edited to ponder what to do next]

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