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Default Re: Matt Yglesias: Creating Jobs by Cutting Wages

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Thanks Ocean, since I am treading on thin ice here, as far as background and experience, your perspective helps confirm my suspicions that saying group x has 4 out of 6 and when group y was asked the had 6 out of 6 might be an oversimplification. And I think this is getting clarified to some degree. I'm curious, were there any conclusions concerning those that didn't identify with any particular group?
They'd be in the middle of Haidt's curves. Somewhat lower in care and fairness than liberals and somewhat higher than conservatives. Somewhat lower in authority and ingroup and purity than conservartives, but higher than liberals. I think Haidt has grouped people based on some other questionnaires regarding their politics, and not just self-identification, although the two overlap to a very large degree in general.
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