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Default Re: Worldwise: The Maghreb's Comeuppance (Issandr El Amrani & Kal)

As someone extremely interested in Tunisia, I read the Hitchens' piece. I was expecting it to be worse than it was, the way the BHers were talking about it. Honestly, it's the reaction many people have to the country (pre-revolution). People are impressed by the little city-state in the desert. And, he did express dismay at the dictatorness of the dictatorship.

The he way I see it, Hitchens is going to pretty much be against anything with even a drop of so-called Islamicism about it. He loathes the "Islamicists." So, he loves the Kurds. It's getting to be a bit much, he's going to back himself into a corner soon, if he hasn't done so already, but this FT piece wasn't THAT bad.
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