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Default Re: Science Saturday: The Mental Illness Epidemic (John Horgan & George Johnson)

It's good to have this discussion, but for those of us who've done reading on it - book upon book - this is the basic stuff. Like so much in current culture, this discussion is at the beginning stages, and we never really advance, and go deeper into reason, logic, etc... It's like nonstop headline repeating.

Drill down: 'seriously deranged,' -- can we be a little more detailed and challenge our assumptions here?

Neither one seemed to know about past programs in the US where meds were last resort. There were some.

"serious mental illness," -- again, the point of Whitaker is to challenge these labels, not reinforce them.

I doubt GJ is going to read the book even though he says he's interested in it. I doubt he is. He's a total believer in anti depressants.

So what are psychiatrists doing? They're not knowingly harming patients. They're being careless and watching their wallets. They have given up logic. End of story. They are careless and illogical.

John undoes everything by calling them "diseases."

Again, GJ's assumptions about the state of people who went into mental hospitals. So many unquestioned assumptions. So many. Guess no one wants to question hospital dementia. No one, nohow, nowhere.

GJ's assumptions could have been less draconian and stereotypical and more current and real world to today.
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