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Default Re: Science Saturday: Ready for the Rapture (John Horgan & George Johnson)

The stronger response to Taubes that was intended, to me, came off as a big garbled confused mess.

The way I look at Taubes is that there is no way I could ever follow the low or no carbs. (Unless I became diabetic) I am mindful of it, it's a guide, somewhat, but sometimes, I have to have a piece of GF bread. Or GF fries. And rice. I think the fact that Taubes wrote about the sugar doctor in San Fran is a bit of a signal that he's open to refining his work. I too have cut back on sugary drinks. That is an easier thing to do; low-hanging fruit so to speak.

But all in all, I did not witness much of a scientific critique of Taubes, mostly it was a lot of talking from the gut, perceptions, intuitions, etc.. which is fine. Just not scientific.

But I know what he means: who's snowing who...?
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