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Default Your Next Republican Preznit!

Because it's never too early to start horserace coverage, amirite? So we will have a straw poll of the highly influential Bhtv commentariat, and also use this thread for relevant news and gossip.

Sadly, vBulletin only allows a maximum of ten options in their polls, so I picked the nine that seemed to be getting the most buzz that I've seen. Following is a more extensive list of those mentioned (here, here, and/or here) as candidates to be the 2012 GOP nominee. A leading asterisk means that person was in this thread's poll; a trailing -FFC means that person is among those invited by the Faith and Freedom Coalition to participate in a forum in Iowa on 7 March 2011.

Joe Arpaio
Michele Bachmann
* Haley Barbour -FFC
John Bolton
Scott Brown
Jeb Bush
Herman Cain
John Cornyn
* Chris Christie
* Mitch Daniels -FFC
Jim DeMint
* Newt Gingrich -FFC
Rudy Giuliani
Lindsey Graham
Judd Gregg
* Mike Huckabee -FFC
Jon Huntsman
* Bobby Jindal
Gary Johnson
Fred Karger
Bob McDonnell
* Sarah Palin -FFC
George Pataki
Ron Paul -FFC
* Tim Pawlenty -FFC
Mike Pence -FFC
David Petraeus
Buddy Roemer
* Mitt Romney -FFC
Marco Rubio
Paul Ryan
Rick Santorum -FFC
John Thune -FFC
Donald Trump
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