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Default Re: An apparition is stalking America

Originally Posted by Wonderment View Post
It's all part of the vast right-wing Reaganistic delusion that the US is a) the greatest country in the history of the world b) vulnerable to losing that status because of misguided Democrat party-poopers who haven't drunk the kool-aid and c) capable of maintaining world military and economic domination by punishing the poor, rewarding the rich and extending control through perpetual warfare.*

*Dems. also subscribe to the perpetual warfare doctrine, albeit with some misgivings.
Yes, Wonderment. America is all that and more. The ills we have brought to the world are without count. The benefits, nonexistent. How you can bear to live in that benighted land is beyond me.

I'm curious which country you would nominate for "greatest country in the history of the world." Oh, yes, I forgot. For you, like Lennon (and Lenin?), there is no country. But humor me here: Which country is the least bad?

What you seem incapable of understanding is that loving a country is not so different from loving a spouse. I believe my wife to be the best woman on the planet. Not in any objective sense, of course: she has her flaws. And there are surely women out there who are more physically attractive and intelligent, maybe even kinder and gentler, but the point is she is the best woman on the planet for me. Perhaps you think me delusional for my devotion to my wife, warts and all, when it is obvious to anyone looking honestly at reality that she is far from the best woman on the planet.

You hold Americans who feel affection and loyalty for their country in contempt. Bully for you. But you shouldn't take an inability to form an emotional attachment to the country that is your home as a sign of superiority, any more than an inability to form an emotional attachment to a lover. Such a person may try to pass his handicap off as enlightenment, but a handicap it remains.
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