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I really haven't been following things with the current primary, like at all. I have to say though, after seeing both speeches from the top guys in Iowa, Santorum came across as much warmer and more likable... and I am probably far more against his view of things.

Romney started going into attack dog mode too fast and it seemed inappropriate for the moment. You could kind of see it in his sons/wifes eyes too. The moment he went off into attack mode their expressions turned... they turned into "here we go mode"

There was no happiness or satisfaction or joy for the duration, there was only waiting until it was over. Jesus, I am pretty late realizing it, but I see now. It's not that people hate Romney, he is just unlovable. And still he is the best chance the republicans have. The one best hope against Obama, the Automaton, it's almost depressing enough to make me want to vote for a social conservative gay hating Santorum.. almost.
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