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Default Re: Matt Yglesias: Creating Jobs by Cutting Wages

Originally Posted by Ocean View Post
1. Care for others, protecting them from harm: Sending millions of people to be tortured, mistreated and killed in concentration camps would be a profound violation of this principle. Unlikely that a liberal morality could possible support it....

2. Fairness, Justice, treating others equally: identifying a group of innocent people by the millions and punishing in the most horrendous way, would violate any principle of justice or equality. Highly unlikely that a liberal morality would support it.
Well, if we are actualy trying to understand the phenomenon, an extreme (in my view) focus on InGroup would make it easier to square Care and Fairness with the Nazi regime. "Others" only count, after all, if we consider them people and/or worthy of recognition as such. We don't worry about care or fairness toward bacteria, after all. If one divides up the human race in such a way that one's own group matters and others don't, one can exercise the fairness/care dimensions toward one's own group perfectly and still engage in all kinds of horrific behavior. (Of course, one can also be high in InGroup and NOT engage in fairness or justice toward one's own group).
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