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Default Re: Why the Right is going after ACORN

Originally Posted by TwinSwords View Post
Rachel Maddow lays it out:

Last week
This week

I'm glad there are still a few voices speaking in defense of an organization that exists to help the most disadvantaged and downtrodden elements of our society. No wonder ACORN is a target: they help poor people.
Couldn't agree more -- kudos to Rachel for her guts, and thanks to you for the links.

I strongly second the recommendation to everyone else to watch both of these, especially in you're interested in how the right coordinates their campaign of attacks, and how they choose their successive targets. The parallels to the words from some of the conservative commenters in this thread will make you shake your head.

Bonus note: Also in the second video, Rachel interviews Prof. Peter Dreier of Occidental College. Dreier is one of the authors of the study that I mentioned above -- the one that looked at the atrocious job the MSM did in covering the ACORN nontroversy. He gets it right when he says about this coordinated effort by the right to smear ACORN and SEIU: "... it's not about public policy, it's not about misuse of federal funds. It's about destroying the power of ordinary people to have a voice in their society."

Sure, Maddow and Dreier come from an obvious political leaning. But you're not going to hear these perspectives in too many other places, that's for sure, so if you've got an open mind, investing a few minutes in watching these two videos should be well worth your while.

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