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Default Re: Obama's Thinking on HRC for SOC...

Originally Posted by TwinSwords View Post
Good analysis. I agree completely.
Addendum: Also, what better way to destroy a political opponent than to put them in an impossible situation with heavy responsibilities where they're likely to fail most of the time? Nobody can make India and Pakistan love one another. Nobody can get the Palistinians and Israelis to cozy up. Who's going to make N. Korea into a teddy-bear? Taint nobody gonna charm Putin out of being a cunning KGB mafioso. Chavez, etc. will just call her a whore to her face. I suspect HRC couldl look real dirty and damaged before too long whilst Obama smiles thinly a smoothly from his distant perch in the Oval Office.

Should serious dissonances arise in the House of Obama, he will have no end of opportunities to let HRC take the blame for failures and gradually make her own way toward the logical exit, to be replaced by a fresh face in whom he has greater trust, with whom he has better chemistry, and over whom he has greater control (S. Rice, S. Power, etc.).

None of this either really good or bad. Politics is a black art (no pun intended), and you either master it or get ruined by it. Obama seems to have a pretty good hit rate so far. Hopefully he'll be a survivor, but a survivor with an essentially benign and populist agenda.


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