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Originally Posted by allbetsareoff View Post
Three tax-and-spend ideas liberals and libertarians conceivably could agree to support:
1. Infrastructure investment - repair roads, bridges and water-sewer, plus a significant mass-transit component.
2. Homeland-security investment - ports, railroads, other vulnerable but neglected potential targets.
3. Alternative energy development - a public-private Manhattan Project on post-petroleum technologies.
All three have the potential to boost employment and wage levels, improve the environment, enhance security; and all offer ample rewards and growth opportunities in the private sector.
Are we a happy coalition yet?
In short, a robust private sector for the creation and distribution of private goods and a robust public sector for the creation and distribution of public goods? Yeah, I think most liberals can sign off on that. Among a great many other things, the past seven years have been a real object lesson for liberals on the pitfalls of a general principle of "if people are hurting, the government's gotta act." Obviously, there are going to be definitional and border-setting disagreements between liberals and libertarians, but hey, it's a big tent for a reason. Plus, I think libertarians' vigilance about unintended consequences can be extremely valuable.
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